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Introducing ThreatMate's Exclusive $1,000,000 Ransomware Insurance Program

✔ Vulnerability management 

✔ External attack surface management

✔ Risk scoring w/threat intel

✔ Google Workspace/M365 integration

✔  Full multi-tenancy + RMM integration

✔ Asset discovery

✔ Solution planning

✔ Endpoint compliance

✔ Threat hunting

✔ DarkWeb + Document exposure monitoring

At ThreatMate, we understand the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and the critical need for robust protection. That’s why we’ve partnered with SeedPod Cyber to bring you a cutting-edge Ransomware Insurance Program, designed exclusively for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide protection for their clients from cyber attack. Ransomware is top of mind as an existential threat for many businesses. Now with ThreatMate and SeedPod Cyber, you can identify security gaps, continuously monitor networks for new exposures, and provide financial protection in the event of cyber attack with comprehensive cyber insurance coverage.

Sign up for ThreatMate, provide continuous monitoring for your clients, and ransomware insurance for your clients in a cost-efficient easy turn-key on-boarding process.

Take Action Today! Don’t wait for a cyber threat to strike. Ensure your clients are protected with ThreatMate’s Ransomware Insurance Program. Sign up now for a free analysis of your clients and prospects to identify security gaps and insurance eligibility. ThreatMate will provide a no-cost security gap analysis for your clients and prospects, provide tailored recommendations to enhance your cybersecurity posture, and eligibility for the SeedPod Cyber Express insurance program. Secure your future – because your peace of mind matters.

The Fine Print

Client Advantages:

  • Significant Savings on Cyber Insurance: Enjoy cost-effective insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs.

  • Effortless Quote and Instant Coverage: Seamless onboarding process with immediate protection for your business.

  • High-Value Coverage for Minimal Cost: Comprehensive policies covering a wide array of cyber threats, ensuring maximum protection.

  • Enhanced Security Infrastructure: Access top-tier cybersecurity measures to fortify your digital defenses.

  • Trust in an A-rated Carrier: Rely on the credibility and expertise of an A-rated insurance carrier for your coverage needs.

MSP Partner Benefits:

  • Revenue growth by bringing on new clients and on-boarding existing clients with ThreatMate

  • Simple & Efficient Insurance Provision: Hassle-free insurance provision process, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • Strengthen Client Loyalty and Retention: Provide added value to your clients by securing their operations against cyber threats.

  • Mitigate Your Risks: Ensure your clients are covered, reducing potential liabilities and risks for your MSP business.

Insurance Coverage Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Cyber Insurance Policy: Not a warranty – real protection against cyber threats.

  • $1M in Limits for Liability Coverage: Protection against suits brought by private third parties or regulators.

  • $1M for First Party Coverages: Including Cyber Extortion Payment and Business Interruption.

  • $500K for Invoice Manipulation Losses: Guard against unauthorized invoicing.

  • $50K for Social Engineering: Protect against fraudulent payments made unknowingly by your employees.

  • Various Coverages: Privacy and Security Liability, Media and Content Liability, Fines and Penalties, Regulatory Defense Liability, and more.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Businesses under $50M in Revenue

  • Under 75 Full-Time Employees

  • Maintains Baseline Security Controls: Including Patch Management, Security Awareness Training, Multi-Factor Authentication, Access Control, DMARC, Secure Remote Access, Email Filtering, Endpoint Detection and Response, Encryption, and more.

Protect your business. Protect your clients. Choose ThreatMate.

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