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Meet ThreatMate's Team

ThreatMate was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and cybersecurity experts on a mission to protect mid-sized companies from cyber threats and to meet their cybersecurity compliance requirements.


ThreatMate mission is to revolutionize cybersecurity for the middle market by offering a single platform with inquisitive security capabilities in order to meet your cybersecurity business requirements so you can shrink sales cycles while protecting your data.  A unique approach of asking curated questions of the network and existing security tools provides security ops teams and executive management answers to where security weaknesses are, where to focus on improving security, and how resilient a company is to cyber-attack. We call this inquisitive security, and it can be used to rate a company’s security resiliency for insurance underwriting, third party cyber risk management, and to measurably improve a company’s security posture. 




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