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ThreatMate Partner Program

Empowering Partners, Empowering Business Growth


At ThreatMate, we understand the importance of strong partnerships in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Our Partner Program is designed to foster collaborative relationships, enhance revenue streams, provide education and training resources and unparalleled support to our valued partners. By joining our program, partners will learn valuable security skills, how to grow their business, and drive new security revenue streams to maximize your growth and success.


At ThreatMate, we believe in empowering our partners to thrive in the cybersecurity industry. Join our Partner Program today and embark on a journey of mutual growth, unparalleled support, and unmatched success.


Together, let's secure the digital future.

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Partner Tiers


We structured our Partner Program into three distinct tiers to cater to partners' varying needs, resources, and level of commitment. 


a) Silver Partners:


  • Access to ThreatMate's partner portal and resources

  • Training on attack surface management, identifying gaps in security posture

  • Lead gen and revenue growth participation

  • Analysis of Partner security posture

  • On program to cyberinsurance certification

  • Certified ThreatMate Nation partner 


b) Gold Partners:


  • Training and education on AI and remediation

  • Dedicated account manager for personalized support.

  • Enhanced marketing collateral and co-branded materials.

  • Increased leads and revenue growth opportunities.

  • Comprehensive protection against cyber attacks.

  • Premium discounted pricing on ThreatMate's products.

  • Certified ThreatMate Cyberinsurance partner 


c) Platinum Partners:


  • Training and education on threat hunting and compliance

  • Premium marketing and sales support, including joint marketing initiatives.

  • Highest leads and revenue sharing opportunities.

  • Certified ThreatMate threat hunt partner

  • Premium Credits for improving cyber risk profile of clients

  • Advanced protection against cyber attacks.

  • Significant discounts and increased gross margin on ThreatMate's products.

Benefits of Joining


1. More Leads and Revenue Generation:


  • Dedicated lead generation support.

  • Community threat sharing and learnings as part of ThreatMate Nation 

  • Joint marketing campaigns and events to attract potential clients.

  • Access to a vast network of businesses seeking cybersecurity solutions.

  • Leverage ThreatMate marketing and lead generation


2. Cyberinsurance for Clients:


  • Exclusive access to our cyberinsurance program, offering low-cost tailored coverage for clients.

  • Drive pipeline and new sales with cyberinsurance while solving for ransomware concerns

  • Become certified MSP partner in delivering insurance backed continuous ransomware protection

  • Increased client retention and revenue growth


3. Increased Protection Against Cyber Attacks:


  • Cutting-edge threat intelligence and real-time updates on emerging cyber threats.

  • Training sessions and resources to educate partners and their clients on cybersecurity best practices.

  • Identify and close gaps in attack surface, improve cyber resilience, earn premium credits for improving risk posture.


4. Discounting and Increased Gross Margin:


  • Special pricing for partners, ensuring competitive advantage in the market.

  • Increased gross margin on sales, maximizing profitability for partners.

Additional Support and Resources


1. Training and Certification:


  • Comprehensive training programs to enhance partners' technical and sales skills.

  • Certification courses to validate expertise and build trust with clients.


2. Technical Support:


  • 24/7 technical support to assist partners in resolving client issues promptly.


3. Marketing Assistance:


  • Co-branded marketing materials, ensuring a professional and unified market presence.

  • Assistance in developing customized marketing strategies for specific target audiences.


4. Collaboration and Recognition:


  • Opportunities for collaboration with other partners, fostering a community of learning and growth.

  • Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance, encouraging healthy competition and excellence.

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