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The Inquisitive Security™  Platform

Attack Surface Reduction + Security Scoring + IT Compliance
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Attack Surface Reduction

ThreatMate helps you discover your internal and external attack surface and then gives you a game plan for reducing opportunities for hackers to attack you. ThreatMate will monitor for changes in your exposure to attackers and immediately alert you.

Security Scoring

ThreatMate scores your security from the outside and inside so you can compare your network security resiliency to your peers and competitors, while developing a game plan with prioritized tasks to improve your score materially. 

IT Compliance

ThreatMate’s compliance agent queries your assets and 3rd party SaaS services to collect evidence to enrich vulnerability scans, check for compliance to IT policy, SOC-2, NIST, ISO, and other compliance schema, and to detect suspicious behaviors on the network.

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Standard + Premium

Vulnerability Management

External Attack Surface Management

Risk Scoring with Threat Intelligence

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integration

Full multi-tenancy and RMM integration

Asset Discovery

Solution Planning

Endpoint Compliance

Threat Hunting

Dark Web + Document Exposure Monitoring


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Attack Surface Reduction

Discover all assets on your external, cloud, and internal networks. Find vulnerabilities and other issues that provide opportunities for adversaries before they find them. Create the optimal remediation plan to get the most out of your IT team to improve your security posture.

Security Scoring

Find out your network's security score and build an optimal plan of action to reduce your risk and exposure while improving your score.

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IT Compliance

Continuously monitor your  devices to meet IT Policy and compliance protocols. ThreatMate integrates with APIs of other security products while also gathering data from original log sources.

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