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Christie's Auction House Victim of RansomHub Extortion Attack

The Download

In another sign that ransomware is picking up steam, Christie's Auction house confirmed they were a victim of a cybersecurity incident after RansomHub posted Christie's on its extortion page. The RansomHub claims they have personal information on Christie's 500,000 clients they will release imminently if the ransom is not paid. One can imagine the inherent anonymous nature of bidding at an auction puts Christie's sterling reputation at risk if these client names and personal information are released.

RansomHub extorts companies by stealing valuable data and then threatening to publish or sell it on the Dark Web if a ransom payment is not paid within a short time period, usually five days.

What You Can Do

We understand that ransomware is a frightening prospect. The best defense is to get in front of ransomware attacks by having robust Identify and Protect programs, which are the first two programs under the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF). ThreatMate helps you identify your assets and then protect them from attack by finding their security exposures and addressing them via ThreatMate Mission Plans. The other portions of the NIST CSF are important for "right of boom" contingencies as well.

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