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New Ransomware Attack 'Mimic' Exploits MS-SQL

Heads up Cyber Heros! A new menace is on the loose, and it goes by the name 'Mimic.' Emerging from the shadows of the notorious Turkish hacking group behind Phobos and Crysis ransomware campaigns, 'Mimic' is the latest ransomware campaign to be foisted upon unsuspecting companies.

What sets Mimic apart is its ruthless strategy – a brute force attack on MS-SQL servers. No need for fancy zero-days or CVEs; these bad actors exploit insecure configurations, swiftly seizing control over your servers. The urgency is real, and your loss is their gain.

Once infiltrated, the attackers being to scan the rest of your network for other victims. They harness the SQL server, using it as a launchpad to scan and infiltrate other vulnerable systems on your network. Their secret weapon? Mimikatz, a silent credential thief that enables them to pivot effortlessly, unleashing the devastating Mimic ransomware payload on every connected machine.

Time is of the essence! From the initial MS-SQL breach to complete network compromise, it's a race against the clock – and the clock is ticking for up to a month. If you're not actively scanning behind your firewall, you're playing catch-up with the very hackers probing for insecure configurations and lurking security exposures.

Arm yourself with knowledge and power!

Don't be a victim – be a cyber hero! Sign up NOW for your FREE network scan. It's your preemptive strike against the forces that seek to disrupt and dismantle your network and business. Stay ahead of the game, stay secure. Your network's fate rests in your hands – act NOW!



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