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Chinese Hacking Industry Exposed in Leaked Files Trove

The Download

In this Washington Post expose on Chinese hacking, we get evidence to back the assertions of FBI, CISA and other government intelligence agencies that Chinese hackers have been hacking foreign countries and industry at the behest of the Chinese government.

Many of the recent exploits against critical infrastructure, commercial firms and government agencies have been attributed to Chinese hacking groups. Recent exploits against commercial VPNs have been attributed to Chinese hacking group as covered in prior blogs here.

The treasure trove of data leaked by Chinese hacking group iSoon discusses targets and methods used by the hacking group. It also speaks to the larger hacking industry in China that works on government contr acts.

While no one is surprised by the news a veritable Chinese hacking industry exists, the intelligence yielded by the leak will shed new light on the motivations, targets and even poor working conditions of Chinese hackers.

What You Can Do

Most hacking is made possible by vulnerabilities in software. The Chinese hacking groups among many other private, state-sponsored, and government intelligence agencies are in an arms race to find and exploit vulnerabilities in software.

Once software vulnerabilities are made public, larger scale exploitation of these vulnerabilities commence. It is incumbent on every organization to scan and remediate vulnerabilities as they become publicly known. ThreatMate automates the process of finding vulnerabilities, prioritizing them, and creating mission plans to remediate them in risk-ordered priority.



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