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Australian MediSecure e-Script Provider Compromised by Ransomware

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The Australian National Cyber Security Coordinator announced that MediSecure, an e-script provider, has been compromised by ransomware, reminiscent of recent breaches In the US including Change Healthcare and Ascension healthcare.

MediSecure was one of two companies awarded contracts by the Australian Federal government to provide electronic prescribing and dispensing services. However, they lost the contract and were required to transfer all publicly-funded electronic prescriptions to the other provider, eRx. At this time, It Is unclear what patient data has been compromised.

What You Can Do

From attacks earlier this year on Change Healthcare and Ascension, it is clear ransomware gangs are setting their sights squarely on healthcare providers and their suppliers. The FBI, CISA, and HHS have warned companies in the healthcare sector to stay vigilant against more ransomware attacks by BlackCat and other ransomware gangs.

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